good deeds

The husband and I did our good postal deed of the day today! We were waiting for the ‘bus into town, when our postman turned up. He’d brought me my new fountain pen that I mentioned earlier. He went to the postbox that sits by the stile beside the right-of-way past our cottage and came back to us with an A4 envelope.

Was it ours? No it was not. But it only had an ordinary first class postage stamp on it, which meant it would be returned to the sender. (We have to use large sized stamps on large sized envelopes.) Luckily, husband and I remembered that we had four such stamps in the house. So I dashed in to get one while bloke watched out for the ‘bus. I scampered back out again, with said stamp and put it on the envelope that postie was holding. So, we saved some poor person in our hamlet from having their bit of post returned. Aren’t we nice?!

Well, I’d been given that kind of stamp by a different postman when I wasn’t sure if the birthday card I was going to send to my mother needed a large stamp. It did, I didn’t have one on me at the time, so he gave me one from his wallet. I reckon we’ve just paid that good deed back!

letter writing things

I’ve just put an order in at TigerPens for a Pilot Pluminix fountain pen. Ooooh, I love new pens!

Which brings me to the cartridge pen I bought yesterday. Not a new one this time though. I’d gone into “Craft” in Aber earlier that day and bought around 16 old girls annuals. (My wonderful daughter spotted them!) Craft, I should explain, is really just a glorified junk shop.

When I went back later to collect the books, I noticed something very interesting in one of their display cabinets. To whit: a pack of aerogrammes. And not just aerogrammes, but unused ones! There’s three from the Royal Mail trains issue and a plain blue one. I haven’t seen an aerogramme in donkey’s years! I remember using them to write to penpals back in the 1970’s, from the age of 11. I don’t know why RM don’t sell them anymore.

I will probably use them to write letters; I’m not really a collector. I’m also planning to use one to make a template, so that I can cut my own aerogrammes from scrapbooking paper. I think they’ll look rather nice. They cost £6 for the pack, which is not bad.

I also bought that cartridge pen I mentioned earlier. I don’t know what make it is, it’s just a generic cartridge pen, with a blue marble and an italic nib. But it was only £2.50 and it’s another pen to write with, and I have one on the way! Lovely!