There’s not long to go until Lettermo begins. (AKA A Month of Letters.) Have you signed up yet? I probably won’t post very often over there, but I will be writing letters every day during february. Thing is, every month is lettermo for me. I write letters almost every day anyway. So it’s not really a novelty for me. There’s a fair amount of “gosh wow, look at me, writing letters”! Which is not to say that I am mocking it. I think it’s a great idea, getting people to write letters, who would not have done so before. But for those of us who like to write letters as in, we like to breath, it’s nothing very special.

Having written that,  will be taking part, and if you are looking for someone to write to, please do consider writing to me.

2015 round up of the year!

I keep records (in a Filofax, natch!) of all the letters, cards etc. that I write and receive. I also keep track of all the new penpals I have each month, from march. So now, for your edification and mine, here is the list:

January: wrote 35, received 46.
February: wrote 24, received 38.
March: wrote 56, received 49, had 97 penpals.
April: wrote 45, received 41, had 101 penpals.
May: wrote 62, received 30, had 106 penpals.
June: wrote 55, received 40, had 112 penpals.
July: wrote 108, received 79, had 125 penpals.
August: wrote 83, received 94, had 145 penpals.
September: wrote 92, received 95, had 164 penpals.
October: wrote 92, received 78, had 172 penpals.
November: wrote 132, received 108, had 186 penpals.
December: wrote 133, received 160, had 192 penpals.

TOTAL: I wrote 917 and received 858, and gained 95 penpals in 2015!!!

Not bad, eh? So, can I write 1000 letters this year? Piece of cake!