About Me

I’ve  been writing to penpals, off and on, since I was a Girl Guide. So probably around 10 years old. My first penpal was Nora in the USA, or could have been Grete in Norway, or Carol in New Zealand. I’m not sure which came first. Later, at high school, the English teacher tried to get the class to sign up to a penpal club. I think I was the only one who actually did so. I’we had lots of penpals since and now, and I do love writing letters. This blog will be devoted to all things penpally, including papers and pens.

I’m 50-mumble, and I live in Wales with my husband, cat and hens. I have one grown-up daughter who is, sadly, not into penpalling. I’m always happy to make new friends, so if you would like to write to me, please do!  (Ladies only though please. I don’t write to men, sorry.) Get in touch with me by email, or my postable.