three letters today!

Only three letters today and all from the UK. I’m trying to increase the number of people I write to in the UK as I think that, while it is lovely and all to learn about other countries through overseas penpals, I should also learn more about the country I live in. Mostly, I find UK penpals in friendship books. I had a list of all the counties of England and my ambition is to get one penpal from each. And to do the same with Wales and Scotland. I have a similar list of all the countries in the world, subdivided into continents. Yes, I know, it sounds most peculiar!

Of my current penpals, the largest number are from Germany. Partly because I was once a member of a penpal club, Letternet, run by the German Post Office. Membership was free and they would send out a magazine three or four times a year, in German and English. After a few years that was too expensive, so they stopped the magazine. But one could still get lots of German penpals for no charge. Sadly, the club closed down last year. But I still write to lots of very nice German ladies and I kept the magazines.

a nice post day

I received a letter from Celina in Poland today, and the Kate Bush cd I had ordered from It’s “Director’s Cut” and is lovely!

I have a batch of letters to post including postcards for postcrossing. But DH is adamant that we are not going to town on saturday. (I don’t blame him, it’s tourist season and the streets are chocka-block.) Hmmm, I thought. So what am I going to do about my post? I’ve decided to get off the ‘bus early, when I go shopping tomorrow. So I’ll get off at Southgate and go along to the Penparcau post office. Then walk down the steep hill to Morrisons. Ah well, I get a bit of a walk and post my letters at the same time. Can’t be bad! Just hope it doesn’t rain!

good deeds

The husband and I did our good postal deed of the day today! We were waiting for the ‘bus into town, when our postman turned up. He’d brought me my new fountain pen that I mentioned earlier. He went to the postbox that sits by the stile beside the right-of-way past our cottage and came back to us with an A4 envelope.

Was it ours? No it was not. But it only had an ordinary first class postage stamp on it, which meant it would be returned to the sender. (We have to use large sized stamps on large sized envelopes.) Luckily, husband and I remembered that we had four such stamps in the house. So I dashed in to get one while bloke watched out for the ‘bus. I scampered back out again, with said stamp and put it on the envelope that postie was holding. So, we saved some poor person in our hamlet from having their bit of post returned. Aren’t we nice?!

Well, I’d been given that kind of stamp by a different postman when I wasn’t sure if the birthday card I was going to send to my mother needed a large stamp. It did, I didn’t have one on me at the time, so he gave me one from his wallet. I reckon we’ve just paid that good deed back!