letter writing things

I’ve just put an order in at TigerPens for a Pilot Pluminix fountain pen. Ooooh, I love new pens!

Which brings me to the cartridge pen I bought yesterday. Not a new one this time though. I’d gone into “Craft” in Aber earlier that day and bought around 16 old girls annuals. (My wonderful daughter spotted them!) Craft, I should explain, is really just a glorified junk shop.

When I went back later to collect the books, I noticed something very interesting in one of their display cabinets. To whit: a pack of aerogrammes. And not just aerogrammes, but unused ones! There’s three from the Royal Mail trains issue and a plain blue one. I haven’t seen an aerogramme in donkey’s years! I remember using them to write to penpals back in the 1970’s, from the age of 11. I don’t know why RM don’t sell them anymore.

I will probably use them to write letters; I’m not really a collector. I’m also planning to use one to make a template, so that I can cut my own aerogrammes from scrapbooking paper. I think they’ll look rather nice. They cost £6 for the pack, which is not bad.

I also bought that cartridge pen I mentioned earlier. I don’t know what make it is, it’s just a generic cartridge pen, with a blue marble and an italic nib. But it was only £2.50 and it’s another pen to write with, and I have one on the way! Lovely!